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What is Viniyoga?

Viniyoga is based on Hatha yoga, with an emphasis on moving with the breath, building mindfulness and adapting to the individual. The practice helps build interoception, as well as compassion and respect for the self. Poses follow the breath, in and out, for a rejuvenating and strengthening effect that builds as students practice on a regular basis.

Classes are taught in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, who developed an adaptive form of yoga that emphasizes the benefits received from, or function of, the poses, rather than the defined shape, or form. Viniyoga practices have been endorsed by the National Institutes of Health as both preventative and therapeutic. Our intention is to enable each student the ability to achieve the benefit of any pose without pain or risk.

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Viniyoga can help develop memory, intellect, character and heart. The practice cultivates a positive outlook, guiding individuals in their personal journey of self-awareness and self-transformation. Viniyoga is a mindful practice, integrating the breath and movement, with an emphasis on preventative health and long-term wellbeing. 

The asana (poses) practice uses careful integration of the flow of breath with the movement into and out of yoga postures, in order to achieve intentional physical and energetic results. The length, orientation and intensity of asana and breath are based on the intention to respond to the needs of individuals in the class. Unlike some other yoga classes, viniyoga practices carefully consider the time of day, physical condition and energy of students. Adaptations are provided as needed so each student can benefit from the practice. 

By using our breath to bring awareness to our spine, we feel from the inside how our body is responding to the movement, rather than attempting to attain a defined, external form of a posture. Altering ingrained physical and mental habits allow the body to release tensions and transform how you move and feel.   

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